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Bright Bar
BRIGHT BAR is a type of steel bar that is geometrically accurate and have a tight dimensional tolerance. It has a smooth and shiny finish that looks to be brilliant. This bar can be used in a variety of ways. This bar is very effective as well as economical and safe to use. 
Ground Steel Bars
Ground Steel Bars are polished to guarantee that the surfaces are immaculate and completely straight. The surface of ground steel has a consistent fine structure. This allows for consistent co-crystallization preparations. This has no surface structure and is completely flat. This one is perfect for preparing thin layers. 

EN Series Ground Bar
EN Series Ground Bar provides material that is cut to length and/or chamfered. It also provides material that is cut to length and/or chamfered. Our provided bar has protective packing and rust-prevention coating. The weight of the bundle varies depending on the customer's needs.
Threaded Rod
Threaded Rod is also used to stabilize constructions and can be put into various materials such as concrete, wood, or metal to form a stable basis either temporarily or permanently during construction. It's also utilized when the shortest bolt or screw isn't long enough.
Hard Chrome Plated Round Bar
Hard Chrome Plated Round Bar is primarily utilized as a piston rod material in all hydraulic and pneumatic applications. It's possible to add a small layer of chromium to almost any metal surface. The chromed coating might be attractive, provide corrosion protection, make cleaning easier, or increase the hardness of the surface.